1. The renter is responsible for scheduling the Commons with the Senior Center Personnel (842-1626) and complying with all Commons building rental requirements. Note: Renter will need to get keys to the building entrance after hours.
  2. A Piano Rental Fee of $50 per event will be charged to cover regular tunings, maintenance and insurance. This fee is in addition to the Commons rental fee. The renter is covered under the BCPA event insurance policy, on file with the City of Bainbridge Island.
  3. The renter needs to fill out the Piano Rental Agreement and submit a check for $50 made out to "BPCA" prior to the event and receiving the piano key at the Senior Center. Please keep this page of Piano Rental Regulations for reference.
  4. The piano receives regularly scheduled tunings and maintenance. The renter can make arrangements to have the piano tuned immediately prior to my event at their expense, with prior approval from the BCPA contact person listed below.
  5. A designated adult will be present in the Commons at all times while the piano is unlocked and/or uncovered.
  6. A designated adult will exercise due diligence to prevent damage to the piano during my event. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Prevent anyone from setting anything other than musical scores on the piano. Food, beverages, flower vases, candles, etc. may not be placed on any part of the piano.
    • Prevent anyone from touching the piano with anything other than human hands.
    • Prevent anyone from touching the strings or any moving parts inside of the piano case.
  7. BCPA reserves the right to monitor events where the piano is being used.
  8. The renter will return the piano locked and covered to the Northwest corner of the Commons room when the event concludes.
  9. At the conclusion of my event, the renter will return the piano key to the Senior Center. The renter will notify the contact person listed below of any service needed to the piano.
Contact Person: Darden Burns (206)842-3380 or email at:
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Name _______________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________


Activity _______________________________________________________

Phone __________________________________

E-mail __________________________________

Date of Event: ____________________________

Start time (include setup): ___________________

Finish time (include cleanup): ________________

By my signature below, I hereby agree to the PIANO RENTAL REGULATIONS governing the use of the Bainbridge Community Piano Association (BCPA) Yamaha Grand Piano, located at the Bainbridge Commons:

Signed: ______________________________ Date: ______________________

Please mail this printable form page with the Piano Rental Fee of $50 to the Senior Center.
Keep the page of Piano Rental Regulations for your records.
Please return the Piano key to the Senior Center after your event.

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