First Sundays Concerts

— Music Up Close on Bainbridge Island —

2019 Concert Series

January 6

Elizabeth Dorman
classical pianist

February 10 Bill Anschell
jazz piano trio

March 3

Henry Lebedinsky &
Brandon Vance

Scottish Folk & Baroque Music

April 7 Francesco Crosara
jazz piano trio
May 5 Stephen Bryant
chamber music
September 8 Janet See
flute quartet

October 6

Marina Albero
jazz piano quintet

November 3

Meg Bernnand
cello quartet
Darden Burns Musical Director
Darden Burns Piano Teacher
Bainbridge Community Piano Association


"The Bainbridge Community Piano Association’s First Sunday Concerts under the direction of Darden Burns are, in our view at least, one of the best entertainment values in the Puget Sound region. The combination of talented, credential-laden musicians from all over at a very reasonable price in an intimate venue on Sunday afternoons is brilliant. Sometimes jazz and sometimes classical, with forays into less clearly defined genres, the programs have been consistently excellent for the five years we’ve attended. We will be regulars for as long as the program continues."
— Jim & Carol Bartley, January 2019

"Until recently, the part of my life that involved music was devoted to the classical tradition from Bach to Shostakovich. I am a pianist and have an interest in musicology, so there is plenty there. Then one Sunday afternoon a couple of years ago I finally gave in to the entreaties of my brother--the one who had been trying to get me interested in jazz since we were kids at Bainbridge High School--and went to a JAZZ concert in the First Sunday series. It was amazing. I will never forget the delight of hearing the great Marc Seales play the piano that day, or the beauty of Tom Colliers' vibraphone. Pretty soon Jon and I were seen together at other jazz concerts nearby and then, incredibly, in New York. I had never thought I'd be one of the cool people at the Village Vanguard! But there I was, and the First Sunday concert series gets all the credit for opening up such new horizons and making me less of a stick-in-the-mud."
— JIm Quitslund, November 2018

All concerts are at 4pm at
the Waterfront Park Community Center
370 Brien Drive, Bainbridge Island WA

Admission: $20 Adults • $5 Youth
For more information call: 206.842.3380
Tickets are available at