First Sundays Concerts

— Music Up Close on Bainbridge Island —

2019 Concert Series

January 6

Elizabeth Dorman
classical pianist

February 10 Bill Anschell
jazz piano trio

March 3

Henry Lebedinsky &
Brandon Vance

Scottish Folk & Baroque Music

April 7 Francesco Crosara
jazz piano trio
May 5 Stephen Bryant
chamber music
September 8 Janet See
flute quartet

October 6

Marina Albero
jazz piano quintet

November 3

Meg Bernnand
cello quartet
Darden Burns Musical Director
Darden Burns Piano Teacher
Bainbridge Community Piano Association


— More Coming Soon —

"Until recently, the part of my life that involved music was devoted to the classical tradition from Bach to Shostakovich. I am a pianist and have an interest in musicology, so there is plenty there. Then one Sunday afternoon a couple of years ago I finally gave in to the entreaties of my brother--the one who had been trying to get me interested in jazz since we were kids at Bainbridge High School--and went to a JAZZ concert in the First Sunday series. It was amazing. I will never forget the delight of hearing the great Marc Seales play the piano that day, or the beauty of Tom Colliers' vibraphone. Pretty soon Jon and I were seen together at other jazz concerts nearby and then, incredibly, in New York. I had never thought I'd be one of the cool people at the Village Vanguard! But there I was, and the First Sunday concert series gets all the credit for opening up such new horizons and making me less of a stick-in-the-mud."
— JIm Quitslund, November 2018

All concerts are at 4pm at
the Waterfront Park Community Center
370 Brien Drive, Bainbridge Island WA

Admission: $20 Adults • $5 Youth
For more information call: 206.842.3380
Tickets are available at